Deva vidya is a new concept to maintain nurture youthful vigour and vibrant health to sideline senility. It blends traditional “Kayakalpa secrets” with martial art, yoga and meditation to arouse Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Research on it takes to ancient scripts on “palm leaf manuscripts”.



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Deva Vidya offers grace, vitality and serenity : it is a tradition that values beauty as a sign of inner harmony. India's Traditional Health System is several thousand years old, yet in the 21st century it is being taken up enthusiastically by people all over the world.

The principle of Deva Vidya is that good health stems from a correct balance of different energies and harmony with the outside world. As a medical system it is holistic, and through remedies exist for special problems, they are varied according to the person.

It is a new concept developed by Mr. Prem Nath. R blending Siddha Vaidyam with Kayakalpa chikiltsa (traditional rejuvenation treatment). Deva Vidya is dedicated to this form of blending mind and body together to sideline senility.

Pancha Prana Shuddhi” is resorted to remove pre-mature senility / deformation due to life style, heredity or accident.

Our Treatment Protocol

We are treating our patience through three stages -

Samanam Chikitsa
Kaya Reksha
Kalpa Pravesika


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